Baby Chic

For those that don’t know, Melissa Wehrman Designs is expecting a new “intern” in late September (no worries, after the expected 6 weeks off, it will be business as usual while baby goes to daycare). But, let’s be serious, there will be no pastels entering this baby’s room. In an effort to inject style and design into my kid at the earliest of ages, here is a quick sneak peek of some of the fun items that could end up in the Bright, Modern, Geometric nursery.

This mobile from MoMa was one of the first things I bought (and seriously required a dang Graphic Design degree to assemble):












And, of course, mini-me needs a mini-Eames rocking chair which I also have purchased well before I ever even thought of getting a crib:











And then there are a collection of fun posters and prints… I haven’t purchased any of these yet and may make some of my own but they are definitely part of the “inspiration board”:
































































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