[BranD] magazine and the SLS South Beach

Issue 007 of the [BranD] magazine (primarily circulated through some parts of Europe and Asia) recently had an amazing and inspiring edition printed that focused on relaxation in terms of spas and hotels. Just flipping through the pages made me both relaxed yet invigorated to design and create! Luckily, one of the many spreads was actually focused specifically on my work for the SLS Hotel South Beach! What an honor to be included among so many of my design inspirations…

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I’m SO excited to finally announce my new website and identity. It’s awful because as long of hours as I put in each week, I’ve been saying I was going to redesign my 2008 website for the last two years now that I’m a 100% independent designer. That isn’t to say I’m a procrastinator in the least, mind you. I’m so grateful to have had some AMAZING clients and projects in the last few years that have kept me too busy to work on my own look. So its actually a great thing that it has taken so long for this launch!

This new WordPress format should also make it much quicker and easier for me to update galleries on-going. I’m already thrilled to share some of the exciting projects I’m currently working on with you on a more regular basis. Additionally, there’s another big launch coming from Melissa Wehrman Designs this year — so stay tuned for that big announcement!

Lastly, I’ve also designed a fresh new logo as well. Previously, I never had a logomark… which I often say isn’t always necessary if your brand has a solid logotype that works for you. However with the M and W being such beautiful and complimentary letterforms, I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity for a very simple and straightforward symbol that can extend into beautiful patterns giving my own brand finally a little more depth and elegance.

In any case, take a look around the blog and the new website and please share your thoughts, comments, critiques and questions!