Clementina Detroit

What a colorful summer it’s been!! The restauranteur behind Detroit’s wildly successful Prime + Proper steakhouse contacted me a few months back to do a super quick, but super fun food truck / shipping container pop-up in Detroit’s downtown Capitol Park. Food is served out of the truck and cocktails and fun drinks are made-to-order at the shipping container. It was a challenge coordinating the ever-changing truck/box templates and limitations, along with developing a whole new brand and style guide for an original concept. Inspirations from SoCal, modern latin trends made it a great exploration of playful typography elements, patterns and colors that make this concept pop from across town!

Kick back with a margarita and some of Detroit’s freshest tacos in town!

Clementine Detroit | Capitol Park, Detroit, MI | Facebook | Instagram















The Corner Office Denver

The Corner Office opened originally in 2009 and was stylishly branded by my former colleague Bryant Ross at Korn Design to win a James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Graphics.

Recently, TCO (as they’re nicknamed) closed its doors for a few months to refresh their space and make it even better than ever! I was brought on as a design consultant to provide new artwork installations, menu cases, promotional items, stationery, patterns/photos/taglines, and website (yet to launch). With a cigarette case check presenter and a large-scale mural made out of pushpins, nothing was too bold or too different to be considered. The end result is a flirty, vibrant rendezvous served with a fresh twist.

The Corner Office | Corner of 14th and Curtis Street, Denver, CO | (303) 825-6500















Torali Ritz Carlton Chicago

As The Ritz-Carlton Chicago closed their former restaurant’s doors and the hotel underwent a major $100 million makeover, the new concept of Torali Italian – Steak on its 12th floor was conceived.

The logo design was done first by the team at my former stomping grounds Korn Design and then I took over to develop the color palette, patterns, menu cases and templates, coasters, signage, stationery, and website.

Classy and elegant yet still modern and sexy.

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Torali Italian – Steak | The Ritz-Carlton Chicago | 160 East Pearson Street at Water Tower Place | Chicago, IL 60611 | (312) 573-5160 |





Kachina Denver

Sage Restaurant Group’s first Kachina opening was in Westminster, Colorado in 2011. With 6 years under our belt and a new location opening in Denver’s Downtown, it was time to subtly refresh the brand and make this spot more urban and vibrant. So while still retaining the Southwestern, road trip vibe, I added a punchier almost-neon yellow and airier patterns to the branding elements. We also introduced a complete menu design overhaul, the branding of an Airstream trailer taco truck, rolling papers, and a new icon to complement the logo.

Kachina Denver | 1890 Wazee St., Denver, CO 80202 | (720) 460-2728 |




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Mercat a la Planxa

It’s so hard to believe but nine years ago when I was an Art Director at Korn Design, we helped open Mercat a la Planxa. This was my very FIRST big restaurant project ever. We were also only one of three restaurants nationwide to get nominated for the 2010 James Beard Award in Outstanding Graphics for this restaurant! So tick that off my bucket list of things I hadn’t known to even dream for! Surreal.

Having designed for Sage Restaurant Group now for so long, I was so excited when they approached me to help with their renovation and brand update. Every designer has things they look back on and want to update (can you say “perfectionist”?). Although this project was so well-received when it first opened, this was certainly true for me. The menus and cases, stationery, websites, uniforms, and even the graphic elements of colors, illustrations and patterns — all evolved to demonstrate the elegant and sophisticated, yet still fun and vibrant restaurant Mercat has grown into.

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Pour me a sangria to celebrate this renovation/re-branding that is now re-opened!

638 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605 | (312) 765-0524 |













Pint Brother Alehouse

Now open at the Denver Marriott Tech Center is my newest branding design, Pint Brothers Alehouse. A fun, friendly, delicious new American style restaurant with a passion for craft beers. I had so much fun bringing this brand to life illustrating playful beer catchphrases and designing a glass signage storefront and chalkboard murals, as well as wood-burned menus and a cocktail book that mimics the metal of a beer keg. Take a peek and try not to want a nice, cold beer.

Pint Brothers Alehouse | 4900 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237 | (303) 740-2518 |

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Departure Denver

Departure’s decadent and notorious Portland restaurant has come to Denver. As the designer behind the refresh and relaunch of this Denver Asian adventure, I am so proud of the elegant and tactic design of these pieces.

Departure Denver | 249 Columbine St, Denver, CO 80206 | (720) 772-5020 |

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Best in Show – Toledo Addy Awards

2016 was another successful year at the Toledo Addy Awards… to be honest, it was my MOST successful year. While I’m still blown away when I win anything up against the amazing Toledo design firms like Madhouse, Hart Associates, or Ulrich Pinciotti, the 2016 Addy Award show was the surprise of the century for me!

I came home with the coveted Best in Show award! I also won a Gold Addy award as well — both for the Urban Farmer Philadelphia branding system.

It’s such an honor to receive these types of local recognition. When you have no one else (besides my great clients, of course) to bounce ideas off of, its easy to feel a little insecure about how good your work is. So its just another feather in my cap that I’m holding my own and doing the great work for my clients that I really strive for.

Thanks Toledo Ad Club and thank you Urban Farmer Philadelphia for giving me such an inspiring and fun project!









































Another Addy for the Trophy Shelf!

Last night was the second year I’ve ever entered the Toledo Ad Club Addy Awards competition and I’m so thrilled to report that I walked home with another shiny decoration for the office.

Urban Farmer‘s branded environments was awarded a Silver Addy trophy. I’m so proud and even more motivated to make Urban Farmer Philadelphia amazing (and I’m neck-deep in their signage efforts now for a Fall 2015 debut).

Thanks, Ad Club Toledo! Thank you Dash Design for designing such a beautiful space for these graphics to live. And thanks to Urban Farmer and Sage Restaurant Group for being the type of client that makes it easy to do great work for!




























Hello Betty Fish House — NOW OPEN!

So its finally come to be! Several different names and logo iterations and a year and a half from when I initially began design work and Hello Betty Fish House is finally open in Oceanside, California!!! Its such a pleasure to have such a long leadtime to really get in from the ground level with the Sage Restaurant Group team and the interior designer (Andrew Alford) and really create a dynamic restaurant. There are a few miscellaneous teeny details to wrap up in the next week or two but they’re open for business! I can’t wait to find myself in Oceanside someday soon so I can celebrate over a margarita and some fish tacos. Here’s a few quick sneaky snapshots of the pieces but the final (much nicer) photography with all of the rest of the deliverables will be posted on my website soon!