Hello Betty Fish House — NOW OPEN!

So its finally come to be! Several different names and logo iterations and a year and a half from when I initially began design work and Hello Betty Fish House is finally open in Oceanside, California!!! Its such a pleasure to have such a long leadtime to really get in from the ground level with the Sage Restaurant Group team and the interior designer (Andrew Alford) and really create a dynamic restaurant. There are a few miscellaneous teeny details to wrap up in the next week or two but they’re open for business! I can’t wait to find myself in Oceanside someday soon so I can celebrate over a margarita and some fish tacos. Here’s a few quick sneaky snapshots of the pieces but the final (much nicer) photography with all of the rest of the deliverables will be posted on my website soon! www.hellobettyoceanside.com






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