Mercat a la Planxa

It’s so hard to believe but nine years ago when I was an Art Director at Korn Design, we helped open Mercat a la Planxa. This was my very FIRST big restaurant project ever. We were also only one of three restaurants nationwide to get nominated for the 2010 James Beard Award in Outstanding Graphics for this restaurant! So tick that off my bucket list of things I hadn’t known to even dream for! Surreal.

Having designed for Sage Restaurant Group now for so long, I was so excited when they approached me to help with their renovation and brand update. Every designer has things they look back on and want to update (can you say “perfectionist”?). Although this project was so well-received when it first opened, this was certainly true for me. The menus and cases, stationery, websites, uniforms, and even the graphic elements of colors, illustrations and patterns — all evolved to demonstrate the elegant and sophisticated, yet still fun and vibrant restaurant Mercat has grown into.

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Pour me a sangria to celebrate this renovation/re-branding that is now re-opened!

638 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605 | (312) 765-0524 |













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