New York International Gift Fair

I’ve officially been back for three days now from the famous New York International Gift Fair but I think my feet still hurt from all the walking (I guess I’m officially not a New Yorker any longer). It was well worth it for sure and I hope to sort through my notebook and iPhone both filled with an insane collection of notes sometime soon. I have this idea for three different product items in the home decor category so I was scoping out the competition. I’ve already sent out some Focus Group questionnaires to a few folks which got me pretty dang excited with the results. And I can honestly say I left the Gift Fair feeling more hopeful and excited about it all. Even more so, I have some fun ideas for other gift cards and paper products, as well! So we’ll see where I go with all that and what comes to life in the next few months. I can’t wait to share all the upcoming new releases with you soon!

Of course, now that I have these fun ideas to come out with a line of products to sell, things are slammed back at the design office. I had a great new interview with a potential client yesterday that I’m very excited about. Its not a bad thing to be busy at all… 2013 is off to a fantastic start already!

Here are some photos of the Gift Fair. I didn’t take nearly enough to fully give you an idea of the size or diversity of the fascinating vendors… but its a start:









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