Quick! I need to go back to NYC before ski season ends!

Yea — ski season in NYC? Not a traditional ski haven perhaps but I’m OBSESSED with the idea of this new bar that has opened at the Hudson Hotel. Replacing their Sky Terrace is the new Hudson Lodge Bar, NYC’s first outdoor ski-resort themed bar. Not only is it an amazing view and great to be outdoors in NYC, its decorated as a winter oasis with faux fur throws, deer heads and wooden skis and sleds. It also features a Hot Chocolate Bar, which comes with toppings like crushed candy cane, chocolate pretzel dust, burnt marshmallow and gooey cookie dough, and of course… a few spiked spirits. Menu items include things like Green Chili Fondue and S’more Grilled Cheese. If I’m not already obsessed with this idea, there’s one more thing they are doing to put it all over the top amazing for me: snow machines which will operate for a few hours each evening. Look, I’m ready for winter to be over here in Ohio, but don’t think I won’t head straight to this bar in the heat of summer the next time I’m in NYC!

356 West 58th Street // 212-554-6217 // Open 4 p.m. – 12 a.m.













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